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Our Services:

  • Business Planning, Start-up and Financing support
  • Company and portfolio review and assessment
  • Technology Assessment and In-Licensing
  • Partnerships and M&A
  • Marketing Strategy and Execution
  • Corporate Communications


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  Motif provides a range of services to our clients using both internal and external resources. Some of the services that we excel at include:

  Business Planning, Start-up and Financing

For many entrepreneurs and inventors, the prospect of developing a business plan and incorporating a company can be a daunting task. With extensive experience in start-up services, Motif can assist with or lead the creation of a business model, financial model and forecast, and a business plan for your fledgling or expanding company. Motif is able to assist with all steps in this process, or to provide some external review and validation of an existing plan.

Our team also has extensive experience in preparing financing plans and executing on them to raise funds from both private and public sources. Whether you're looking for a venture capital round, looking for an angel investor, or are considering an IPO, we can help your company secure the financing it needs to reach the next level of success.

  Technology Assessment and In-Licensing
  Whether starting a new company or expanding your company's technology portfolio, Motif can assist with locating, evaluating and securing a new product, product candidate or basic research from academic and industry sources. Our team has led the in-licensing or acquisition of dozens of technologies, and has evaluated many drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, and software solutions for acquisition and partnering.

  Partnerships and M&A
  Motif's team has led or co-led over a dozen major partnership deals and acquisitions of existing companies, both as sellers and buyers. With contacts throughout the software, pharma, biotech and banking industries, we can help with your plan to sell your company, buy another company, or partnership with another firm in joint R&D or sales partnerships.
  Corporate Communications
  From investor presentations to web sites to press releases, Motif provides an array of corporate communications services through its internal resources and network of partners.

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